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Delicious Cookie Recipe and plans January 23, 2014

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So, plans for the Afternoon Tea Party are underway.

The boys and I had a meeting (Dad was at work). They came up with some really great ideas.

J designed the invitation and we sent that off to Grandad and C designed the menu – unfortunately it won’t seem to let me include the picture – oh well.

We have a list of things to do before and on the big day and also an ‘order of proceedings’ – this is just me trying to pre-empt the arguing about who does what on the day. We will be sitting down tonight to work out and put names against each task, which will also ensure that the tasks are equally shared – at least that’s the plan lol!

Yesterday, just before I picked J up from school, I sat down for 5 minutes (this was between returning home from work and doing the school run) to look at some of the blogs I follow regularly. There I came across this post from the fantastic blog – My Make Do and Mend Year. OMG – I couldn’t get them out of my head. In the end, I just had to make them. I stuck to the original recipe. They were very easy and tasted lovely – the boys were hovering around for quite a while waiting for them to be ready. I did, however, manage to squirrel 6 into the freezer for the Afternoon Tea Party on Sunday before they were allowed to help themselves!

The recipe made 30 cookies in total, and I cooked half on a normal metal baking tray lined with parchment and the other half on a new silicone baking tray. The ones on the metal tray cooked beautifully in the time stated, unfortunately, the ones on the silicone tray were still partially raw and so had to go back in for at least another 10 minutes. I will definitely be making them again, but next time I will add some chocolate chunks to the mix AND cook them only on a lined metal tray.

Plans for this evening:

Allocate tea party tasks
Homework with both boys
Find out quantities of items need for tea party
Write shopping list ready to hubby to shop tomorrow


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